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Acura TSX Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Replacing broken headlight housing can be a daunting task for greenhorns. But it is a very important thing that every car owner should learn. There are times when you have to replace or fix your car yourself, so knowing this stuff will be very helpful.

Headlights are essential for drivers to see the road clearly and avoid potential hazards. Hiring a professional will cost a lot of money for this very simple task. So it’s always better to do such trivial tasks yourself as it will only take very little time and as a bonus, you will save more than $100.

This Acura TSX Headlight Assembly upgrade and replacement guide have everything you need. With this guide replacing the headlight assembly kit of Acura TSX will never be a problem for you.

Which Headlight to Use for Acura TSX Headlight Assembly Upgrade?

The first Acura TSX was manufactured in 2003 and introduced as a 2004 model in the market. The car only made it to the second generation, and the manufacturers stopped producing and selling it after 2014. The last model was furnished with automatic HID headlights as standard in both trims.

The previous models were equipped with halogen bulbs, and if you want an effective upgrade, you should choose LED/ HID lamps instead of halogens. This new technology saves energy and provides more light.

Some LED/HID bulbs offer almost 80% more light than the stock bulbs. But such bulbs also have small life spans.

Advantages of Upgrading from Halogens To LED/HID

Less strain on vehicle’s electrical circuit as LED require very low power to operate compared to halogens.

The average life span of halogen is 1000 hours which is way less than the 15000 hours of LED. Even though it’s a little expensive at the start but you will feel the difference in the long run.

 Installing the LED is very simple and you can plug them in the housing without modifying your vehicle’s electrical circuit.

Acura TSX Headlight Assembly Upgrade

The process is very simple. Follow the guide, and you will be good.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Kit Replacement

  • A new headlight assembly
  • 10mm socket
  • Ratchet and extensions
  • Clips remover
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step by Step Process of 2012 Acura TSX Headlight Assembly Upgrade

  • Pop the hood and remove the plastic cover on top by removing the plastic clips.
  • Remove the three bolts holding the fender liner to the bumper and then go underneath the vehicle to remove the clips before unseating the bumper.
  • You can disconnect the fog lamps if you want. Otherwise, put down the bumper because you will be able to access the headlights.
  • It’s good practice to unplug the batteries to protect yourself from getting electrocuted.
  • Remove the three screws holding the headlight in place and unseat it after disconnecting the harnesses. If you want to replace the bulb, you should take the back cover off and put the new bulb in the place of the old one. But if you want to upgrade the housing, connect the harnesses to the new assembly and place it back in the original location.

Put everything back in place, and you are good to go.

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