Acura TLX Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Do you always take your vehicle to a professional when the headlight needs a replacement? Well, this time, try doing the replacement yourself at home with the help of this Acura TLX headlight assembly replacement guide. This sort of knowledge can come in handy at unexpected times.

Headlights are the eyes of your car so keep checking them now and then. If you find them causing the problem, you should replace them without a second thought. Headlights can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, so there are many benefits of replacing the older or broken headlights with new technologies.

This Acura TLX headlight assembly replacement guide will teach you all about replacing the headlights and headlight assembly, so keep reading.

Which Headlight To Use for Acura TLX Headlight Assembly Upgrade:

Introduced in 2014, Acura TLX is an executive car of Acura and is now considered the flagship sedan of its brand. This premium car has a projector lens, and the light bulb varies in different models, from halogens to HID  and LED.

The newer models are all equipped with stylish LED headlights, so people with older models will feel the greater distance between the aesthetic appeal of their car and more contemporary models. 

The best option is to replace the OEM headlight with a more fancy aftermarket option to make up for it. Doing this will immediately make your car comparable to new models.

Advantages of Upgrading from Halogen to HID/LED

  • LED requires a lot less power than halogen to operate, so the other components of the circuit are not stressed.
  • LEDs have a maximum life span of 50000 hours which is 50 times that of a halogen.
  • There are no heat or UV emissions.
  • LEDs are environment-friendly and energy-efficient.

Instruction For 2019 Acura TLX Headlight Assembly Replacement:

The process is a little lengthy so stay patient while performing it, and you will be done without any hitch.

To remove the headlight, you will have to take the front bumper cover off. The bumper is held in place from all sides by numerous fasteners, so if you want to remove the bumper, you will have to remove them.

Start from the fender liner. You can take the tire off to increase the space, but it’s not necessary, and you can just turn the tire in one direction and remove two screws and all the plastic push clips. Peel the fender liner partially and remove the screw binding bumper to the fender.

Next, pop the hood and remove the radiator support plastic cover by undoing the push clips. Under the cover, you will find the 10mm screws on top of the grill. Remove all the screws.

Remove the bolts holding the bottom side of the bumper.

Once all the bolts are removed, hold the bumper from one side and wiggle it or play with it to make it come out, do not pull as it might break. Once the sides are free, you can pull the rest off.

Remove the 10mm bolts holding the headlight. Disconnect the harnesses and unmount the assembly.

Place the new assembly in the position and connect the cables to it.

Put everything back carefully in reverse order.

Once you finish, your new headlights will be ready to use.

This whole process will take approximately 1 hour. Not bad, considering the time saved on driving to and from the auto shop!

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