Acura MDX Bulb Size

2020 Acura Mdx ChartBulb Number
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Stepwell Light Bulb
Back Up Light Bulb
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb
Glove Box Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Interior Door Light Bulb

Getting the bulb sizes for a specific model can be a bit tricky, so to help you in that research, you will find the correct bulb sizes for your Acura MDX. That way, you will know you are making the correct replacements.

Why should you replace the bulbs on your Acura MDX?

There are two main reasons: upgrading them and replacing broken ones.

Bulbs, regardless if they are halogen or HID, both have a limited lifespan, meaning that once they stop working, you will need to replace them. The exterior lights on your car play a considerable role in illuminating your path or signal other cars, and it is essential to replace them if they are not working.

On the upgrading side of things, owners often want to improve the look on their cars, and that is the second reason for replacing the bulbs on your MDX. Newer LED bulbs will give your car a newer look and enable you to have something you did not have when you purchased it.

Upsides to upgrading bulbs to LED

LED technology has improved over the past decade, so not it offers a lot of advantages over the traditional halogen or HID bulbs.

The most common and highly praised advantage that LED bulbs offer is how long they last. Halogen or HID bulbs can last several thousand hours, rarely going over ten thousand. LED bulbs, on the other hand, can work for 50 thousand hours and sometimes even more.

Longevity aside, LEDs also consume much less power than the traditional bulbs that would be already installed. It may not mean much to you, but since the bulbs are powered by the alternator, introducing low power bulbs means that it will need less energy to power them.

Procedure for replacing a headlight bulb on an Acura MDX

To ensure that you do not make any mistakes disconnect the car battery before you proceed.

On the back of the headlight assembly, there is a plastic cap that you need to unscrew to open it up. Below that, you will see the connector plugged in the back of the bulb. Unplug that, and you will see the bulb and the metal pin holding it in place. Release the pin, and the bulb will be released. Put the new bulb in the slot and tighten the pin in place.

Do the second and third-generation MDX have the same bulbs?

They may share some of the bulbs, but not all of them will be the same.

How to replace other bulbs on the MDX?

For detailed instructions on how to replace the bulbs, you should check your user manual.


  • First generation (2001–2006)

Bulb Replacement

Hello and thank you for watching two car pros calm in this video we’re gonna show you how to replace the headlight bulb in a 2002 2006 Acura MDX our first step is to open the hood and locate the headlight housing in which the headlight bulb needs to be replaced unplug the wiring harness from the headlight bulb our next step is to remove the bulb from the housing rotating the bulb counterclockwise we like to compare our new bulb to our old pull to be sure a proper install never touch the glass end of your headlight bulb the oils from your hand could cause.

  • Second generation (2007–2013)
  • Third generation (2014–present)

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