921 Bulb Guide

SYLVANIA – 921 LED White Mini Bulb – Bright LED Bulb, Ideal for Interior Lighting – Map, Trunk, Cargo and License Plate (Contains 2 Bulbs)

Philips 12789LPB2 Bright White Vision LED Back-up Light (921 /T16)

Today we are taking a look at the Philips 921 LED it’s made specifically for backup light to replace your cars stock halogen light and it have a white light output and a long 12 years lifetime warranty I bought this on Amazon for about $10 and here’s a close-up look of the LED


it is designed to actually reflect the LED light of that top metal part so now we’re taking a look at the installation of the backup light on a 2014 Honda Accord and this is the EXL v6 trim with LED stop light but the backup light is still halogen so I’m replacing it with the 921 LED and of course first thing is you have to remove all those clips that’s holding the liner there’s about ten of them I think it’s very easy you use a Philips screwdriver and just twist at the little gap and it opens so now we have the line removed with the clips and of course they like the backup lighter simply is exposed it’s right over here on the top with a green connector and the great part is actually holding the light bulb so you first disconnect the green connector and then you twist the the gray assembly counterclockwise to remove it here’s the original hydrogen Bob and here is the LEDs so basically I’m just gonna remove the halogen bulb of the assembly which is very easy you just lift it up and push the new bobbing when you install those you have to before you completely seal your lining you have to make sure the polarity is correct you can do so by put your parking brake on and put the car in the reverse and if it lights up it means the polarity is correct and if it doesn’t just simply pull it out and switch it and over here I’m showing you the how to put the bobbing and ring start you twist it clockwise to lock it and make sure you hear a click before you put the green LED sorry the green connector in and over here I’m showing you the difference between this is the philips LED and over here on the left side is the halogen there it is much brighter and that’s it hopefully it helps you guys in deciding on choosing this LED and it is a very bright light and it emits very less heat compared to the original hydrogen which is always a plus



Reverse light comparison, 5 different 921 LED bulbs

Today I am going to do LED lights now these LED lights are for your real car these are the canvas 921 bulbs that you would probably use on the inside of your car and for some of the newer cars like my 2016 Accord these are the backup lights they went with something really small so I’m going to do this video and we’re gonna do a little experiment on each one of these and see which one is the best for your reverse lights.


I personally think that this one right here is going to be the winner but we shall see this one is from Calais and as you can see it is reflective notice how the LED will bounce off of that and then the light will go and it will bounce around in your reflective housing and then shoot out and then it also has one LED in the face of it so there’s three LEDs here this is supposed to be 2000 lumens or something close to that I will I will put all the details for each light in the description but I am gonna give time I’m going to touch up or touch on a little bit of some of the stuff that I know this is also an all aluminum housing so that’s going to help participate the heat and it’s gonna last a while this is from homee and this is a all aluminum housing also but unlike the other one this does not have reflective panels it is black it is not chrome or silver it has four LEDs in the head of it and as you can see it’s got LEDs 360 all the way around and this is supposed to be about 2000 lumens also or somewhere like that this thing is supposed to be also 2000 lumens but look at all those LEDs and look at all those LEDs this thing is riddled with LEDs again another aluminum housing for longevity in your vehicle and heat dissipation mmm-hmm which will give it a long life this one from endo page I believe it says that is somewhere around 2000 lumens also but it only has one LED in the head but it’s got a lot here not to mention the fact that it’s got these little neural points any little bit of cracks or anything like that light can reflect off of the better so this is gonna be interesting I don’t really foresee this one being better than the one from X speed I didn’t tell you it was from XP today but it is gonna be better I think than some of these others and then last but not least is I don’t even know how to pronounce this this is whoops xylem was just require him let’s go xylem and this bulb here it’s got two LEDs that are not behind any glass or anything such as the one from X speed which with the beam behind glass is like a projector very similar to your projector headlights same with this notice that this one does not have that it doesn’t have any reflectors on it but it has 360 LEDs all the way around it it is a aluminum housing so that will help in the lasting ability of it so there they are and now let’s go outside and try it in the car before we go out there and test all those bulbs I want to show you what I have in there now right now I have Sylvania Silver Stars these are a very bright bulb for an incandescent bulb and that’s what I have in there right now these of course bulbs right here that are in it and this package these are the actual stock ones from the car but of course they fit in the same package so there you go I had these in it [Applause] and I thought these were gonna be really good except for the fact that they have 360 around which is great but they don’t have anything in the top and the way that it’s designed it doesn’t use the full reflective ability of the housing in your in your backup light housing so this is aluminum which is great for heat dissipation and stuff and these LEDs are very bright but if you don’t have a deep or a big backup light housing then these are not gonna be a good choice they’re just not bright enough all right let’s go outside okay so here we are out at the car the first is going to be the Calais I believe is how you say it and not only put this in and fire up the car okay so this oh that’s a little bright okay this is the the Silver Star the Sylvania Silver Star and it looks kind of break right but it is not anything close to this one this is the Calais one that I said had reflectors so the light reflects off the actual housing itself and then and because it’s small it actually reflects inside all the little reflectors inside the housing of the backup light I’m impressed with that I’m shocked actually and the best part about it I believe that bulb was only like 15 bucks okay moving on to something different so we’re gonna leave this one in and we’re gonna put something else on the other side okay so now I have the homie light in and that’s this one here it’s on this side and it appears like from what you can see it looks like really super bright which it is it’s pretty bright but I believe the Calais which is this one right here this one right here is brighter because of this location right here again you probably can’t really tell because of the video but with my eyes the Calais one on this side is a truer white then this homie is over here mmm so but you can see that these LEDs definitely make a difference in your backup lights then the regular bulbs do okay so let’s switched out the homie and go to something different okay so the next one that we have is the extra speed [Music] and while the Calais one which is when I put in first in my opinion is still the brightest one that is amazing what that little bit of reflector because that light see this light here has the projector bulb on it just like the cows has a projector bulb on it but the Calais which only has three LEDs in it has that reflector part and what it’s doing it’s using the entire housing to shoot light out here you can see that the driver’s side is the brighter side is that crazy or what okay so I was wrong about the extra speed I really thought it was gonna be the one to do it but I was wrong so let’s switch to something different okay so now this right here are the end page LEDs and again it looks pretty bright but because it’s a different housing than this particular Calais one again the proof is in the pudding the driver’s side is the side that has the cows one and the passenger side does not and it is it’s really it’s crazy look how bright that is now it looks bright here but this one on this side definitely has more bright they both have a good clean white light but that one on the driver’s side is brighter okay so we’re gonna switch to another one now okay so the last one is the xylem the Oh X il a M xylem or something like that again still the callus on this side and again this bulb looks pretty bright it’s a shorter bulb so it uses more of the housing than the other ones did but oh maybe I could be wrong let’s see or maybe it’s eco I still think the callus is brighter but this one is more comparable to it than the other one did than the other ones that I put in at work so either bulb I go to I’m pleased with I really like this so I’m gonna stick with the callus and that’s the one I’m gonna recommend I’m gonna go ahead and put it in the car and then we’ll do a full callus lit up rear end and then we’ll go in and finish this video okay so here we go still on this size the callus and now I put the callus on this side and I want to show you as opposed to the other bulbs look at that look how much area is just lit up these lights are very impressive I’m glad I picked these so not to mention these eye lambs when I took them out I mean as you noticed it wasn’t very long you know just enough to show you the lights and do some little chitchat in here and there but that was it and I almost couldn’t touch the ball with my hands the the other ones were not that way so anyway so there we have it I’m gonna stick with the callus bulbs


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