912 vs 921 bulb

What is a 912 bulb used for?

The 912 lamp operates at 12.8 volts and 1 amp. It is typically used as a trunk light, interior dome light, or high mount brake light in domestic cars.

What is the brightest 921 bulb?

What are 921 bulbs used for?

SYLVANIA 921 Long Life Mini Bulb makes a perfect direct replacement solution for your car or truck’s interior or exterior lighting. These bulbs offer increased longevity, and have been engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration.

Are 921 and 194 bulbs the same?

Re: Using a 921 bulb in place of a 194 for license marker? It would definitely melt the lens and can cause damage to the socket as well.

How many lumens is a 912 bulb?


How long is a 921 bulb?

#921 (W16W) Miniature Bulb Glass Wedge Base – 12.8 Volt 1.40 Amp 17.92 Watt T5 Glass Wedge Base, 21.0 MSCP C-2R Filament Design. 1.49` (37.80mm) Maximum Overall Length (M.O.L.), 0.625` (16mm) Maximum Outer Diameter (M.O.D.), 0.81` (20.60mm) Light Center Length (L.C.L.). 1,000 Average Rated Hours.

How many lumens does a 921 bulb put out?

The 921 LED disc has 12 LEDs (5050 SMD) with an output of up to 190 lumens at 3000K or 6000K.

How many watts is a 921 bulb?

18 Watts and 12.8 volts.

Are T10 and 921 bulbs the same?

From what i can Gather T10, 194, 168, and 921 all share the same socket (as in the part that actually plugs in). The T10/921 is a bigger bulb designed for more light output.

What is Sylvania 921 used for?

SYLVANIA – 921 Long Life Miniature – Bulb, Ideal for Interior Lighting – Cargo and License Plate (Contains 2 Bulbs)

How many watts is a 922 bulb?

Are 168 and 194 bulbs the same?

The 168 bulb is obviously a brighter bulb because it’s a higher wattage bulb than the 194. The both of them are the same in size. If you’re in search of aftermarket bulbs, you’ll see them on websites that show 194/168 wedge or some similar type.

What’s the difference between 7440 and 7443?

7443 is dual filament for our front parking/turn signal. 7440 is single filament for rear signals and sedan reverse lights.

What does a 7440 bulb fit?

7440 bulbs and 7443 bulbs are commonly found as turn signal, tail light, and backup bulbs in Hondas, Chevrolets, Scions, VWs, Toyotas, and more!

What vehicles use 3057 bulbs?

A dependable, solid bulb, the 3057 bulb is an automotive bulb, often called a miniature bulb. It’s most commonly used in all kinds of cars. Find them in boats and other watercraft, planes, and different types of train cars as well.

What does a 1156 bulb fit?

1156 & 1157 Red Tail Light LED Bulbs

These bulbs are used as tail lights in a wide range of Honda, Toyota/Lexus, Kia, Subaru, Chrysler, and VW vehicles, among many others.

How many lumens is a 1003 bulb?

About 1003 Bulb Led Replacement / Equivalent

These Energy efficient bulbs last 30,000 hours that’s 25 times longer than your stock bulbs. These bulbs produce 325 Lumens of light making them some of the brightest led bulbs in the market.

How many watts is a 194 bulb?


How many lumens does a 1156 bulb produce?

1156 Current:2.100 Watts:27.00 Candlepower:32 Lumens:402.

How many amps is a 921 bulb?

Standard 1.4 Amps 1.4 Inch T5 Incandescent 12.8V Wedge Base Clear Miniature Bulb (#921)

What are T5 light bulbs?

A T5 grow light is a fluorescent light that uses high output T5 bulbs that are strong enough to grow plants. They’re a type of light known as fluorescent lights, and offer a much softer light output compared to high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs like HPS, MH, and CMH grow lights.

What is the wattage of a 168 bulb?


Are T9 and T10 bulbs interchangeable?

So a T9 would be a 1 1/8` diameter tube and a T10 would be a 1 1/4″ diameter tube. If you are wanting a T10 the bracket that holds it may be too large of a diameter to safely hold the 33890. Good luck. 10 of 10 found this helpful.

What is a T20 bulb?

What’s a T20 bulb? A T20 bulb is commonly known by industry standards as the following bulb sizes: 7440 7441 7443 7444 992A, etc. These T20 bulbs are commonly used for the turn signals, tail/stop lights, reverse lights, and daytime running lights.

Which is brighter T10 or T15?

The T15 LED bulbs make way more light than a T10.

Are all 921 bulbs the same?

R they the same or different? Expert Reply: A C921 and 921 are going to be interchangeable. In fact, if you look closely as a 921 bulb # 30-90-021 it does have C921 printed on it.

Which led is the brightest?

Yes, as you can see by the table above, 5630 LEDs are by far the brightest, but it is not due simply to a larger lighting surface. There are other factors that go into the output of an LED diode (measured in luminous flux/lumens). The reasons are to do with the design of the chip and the amount of power that they draw.

What is a 194 bulb used for?

Wide Application: These 194 bulbs can be used for license plate light, map lights, dome light, parking lights, front/rear side marker lights, trunk cargo room lights, turn signal lights, reading lights, glove box lights, inner tail light etc.

Are 194 and 2825 bulbs the same?

This was their answer: With traditional, the wattage, amps, and life vary. The 2825 will have the highest lumens, with 168 a little less lumens, and the 194 a little bit less than that. So, there you have it.

Can I use 7440 instead 7444?

It is just that the lower wattage filament will never be used. If you plug in 7440/NA into a 7443/NA or 7444/NA bulb socket it also works but you lose lower wattage application as 7440/NA is a single filament bulb. Equivalent LED light bulbs will have different results depending on car manufacture wiring by the way.

Will a 7443 bulb fit a 7440?

The point is that a 7443 bulb can be used to replace a 7440 bulb , 7443 just has extra contacts that contact nothing when installed in a 7440 socket therefore 7443 can perfectly be used as a replacement for a 7440. A 7440 bulb on the other hand can’t be used replace a 7443.

What is the difference between 7440 and 7440A?

What is the difference between 7440 and 7440A? Answer: The 7440 is a clear glass bulb and the 7440A is an amber bulb.

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