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Installing this exist car led headlights nine thousand 600 my dad’s 2003 tile and what I really like about is this truck Tahoe or the Silverado 2003. It’s the way to remove the headlights compared to my fourteen. These are real straightforward you got two of the those little clips, I mean rods that hold the lights…


in place pull them out pull them and pull them forward then pull them out and then you just take off the headlight but right now I’m going to show you guys the light bulbs yourself these are is this I think that’s how it’s pronounced I’m not really sure and let me show you guys a package give me a seconds a little windy over here so yeah let me show you guys instruction manual they they sing you a big instruction manual how to do the whole thing all kinds of their catalog as well of LED bulbs and all kinds of bulbs check them out guys it isn’t all from Amazon and the guys from this company were generous enough to send me a set to test them out and you have all the instructions and stuff and let me show you got the bulb this isn’t your average bowl like they come in a gold-plated aluminum or that silver color those ones are like a pink rose color and it’s it’s mostly aluminum the rest is plastic the white plastic and and the only thing I don’t like about when the balls from me like this it’s the the way the wires come out it has no protection on them it makes me a little worried that they’re my you might cut them somehow but this have the Cray LED chips and has four per side the fan integrated with it this ones are a little different than the Ox beams they come with this little plug or at least dogs the ones Oxfam is making now they come with a little plug and then there’s a little like a ballast type deal and you screw this side into the bulb but you got it oops sorry almost drop this stuff you got to make sure because this just a little plug it has grips where you can grip it and screw it in place but it also has an arrow all right there hopefully the camera can really focus on that but it has a little arrow here and then you know it also has a arrow on the bulb sign then you’ve got to make sure you put those together that way everything’s good and this is a forty one set but the color on this leds is 4000 K so you’re not going to get that blue white color you’re gonna get a like a warm white and as they call it warm white and I’m gonna install this on the on the tahoe I’m gonna already put one side on because it’s so simple to do and you guys can see this side it’s slightly it’s a warm white definitely compared to this side which is yellow and that’s a that’s a halogen bulb and the mission let me see what how many watch it is that’s a 55 one Hellinger bulb but I can just tell you from now even because that’s 55 watch this is 41 I can still see that the LED is a lot brighter then then that I haven’t you bulb there so I have this lights on for now for a couple minutes because I notice on my truck that I needed a LED canvas error Eliminator so what I did I put this one on I turn on the lights on the truck and it doesn’t seem for it to be turning off so I’m going to see I’m gonna run them like this for for tonight and I’ll show you guys what to look like a night you guys can probably already know what a Hellinger boat looked like on any headlight and so I’m just going to test those out and show you guys the light output I might have to adjust them a little downside on blind people because as we know HIDs LED bulbs they’re not meant to going on a halogen reflective housing so but I’m still gonna run there so let me I’m gonna do this light and I’ll show you guys how it looks on the back side one thing that I did notice guys the Hellinger bowl the the light itself is really hot the housing from all those 55 ones and I can’t really show you guys I don’t have a laser thermometer or one of those and this one it’s really cool to the touch there’s like there’s no heat coming up for this one but I can definitely feel how hot this thing is right here alright guys so I guess mmm it does take a little bit of work because on the passenger side I didn’t have to remove anything just the bowl in the LED boy even though it’s quite a bit longer than halogen bulb I was able to fit it in with I’m removing anything on this side I wasn’t able to just straight up just push it in there I had to remove this cover and is held by six six and a half millimeter little screws two here two on top and then two on here but after your mode and you you just put in the bulb and you get to go so I’m gonna set it all up again hook up the little baguette for their boat put it back in and I’ll show you guys what it looks like all right guys here we are with the two new LED bulbs so right now I’m gonna close the garage oven those they like and see the pattern on the lights it fits if they’re about the same you guys can see one moved I don’t know why but it always moves this side so I’m gonna have to uh I just need to here I think goes through there so I’m gonna have to adjust it down a little so it’s on par with the other one but that’s pretty much it I showed you guys a video later today I’m gonna get start of the light output what’s going on guys so this is what the lights look like this are the these are the low beams and the high means they shine just a little further but I realized that the low beams I put them a little too low I need to racing just a tad bit so they’ll shine a little more up but this is what they looked like on the road compared to the other cars I’ve been passing me I gotta say this pipes are really bright and they shine really well and overall I’m really pleased with them for the price compared to hid some hid kids that are really expensive I will definitely recommend this type of lights


9006 Bulb Cross Reference

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