2357 vs 1157

What is a 2357 bulb used for?

SYLVANIA – 2357 Long Life Miniature – Bulb, Ideal for Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Back-Up/Reverse Lights (Contains 2 Bulbs)

What is the difference between 1157 and 2057 bulbs?

The main difference between the 1157 taillight bulb and the 2057 is that the 2057 draws about 30% less current when using the running lights. They are interchangeable like you mentioned.

Are 2057 and 2357 interchangeable?

The 2057 and 2357 were developed later and are a bit brighter – and one of them will fit just fine. well, they’ll all fit fine, as they all have the classic standard round 2-contact base…i chose the 2057… brighter, you say…? to meet increased visibility standards, i would presume?

Are 2357 and 1157 bulbs the same?

Low beam bulbs of both 2357 and 1157 headlight bulb are same. The low beam and high beam bulb of 1157 model has wattage about 8.26 watt and 26.88 watt respectively.

How many watts is a 2357 bulb?

What Sylvania 2357?

Description. SYLVANIA Long Life miniature bulbs perform twice as long as any standard miniature bulb from the leading supplier of automotive lighting. Designed for durability, lower maintenance and greater safety.

What is a 2057 bulb?

#2057 Miniature Bulb Bay15d Base – 12.8/14.0 Volt 2.1/0.48 Amp 26.88/6.72 Watt S-8, Double Contact (DC) Index Bayonet (BAY15d) Base, C-6/C-6 Filament Design. 2.0` (50.8mm) Maximum Overall Length, 1` (25mm) Maximum Outer Diameter. 1.25` (31.80mm) Light Center Length. 1,200/5,000 Average Rated Hours.

What bulb is the same as 1157?

2357 bulb price is same as a 1157.

Are 1157 and 7528 bulbs the same?

Other than that, the main difference between the #1157/#2057 and the #7528/#7225 is that the latter bulbs have a brighter brakelight (35 MSCD/candlepower, as opposed to 32 for the #1157/#2057), but less longevity (150 hours as opposed to 1200 hours).

What is the difference between 1154 and 1157 bulb?

The 1158 is the same C.P. as the 1154. The C.P. on the 1154 is 21/3 while the 1157 (12V) is 32/3.

Are 1034 and 1157 bulbs interchangeable?

Automotive lamps burn out after a long period of use. Often, more than one bulb can serve as a replacement part for nearly any automotive lamp. For example, an 1157 automotive lamp is electrically compatible with a 1034 lamp.

What is the difference between 1157 and 1157A bulb?

1157A is amber coated and 1157NA is natural amber glass or not coated. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

What is the difference between 1157 and 1156?

Finally, it is worth mentioning the difference between 1156 and 1157 and what you will find is that the 1156 bulb is simply for a single action, which means it is used for a turn signal or an on/off light whereas the 1157 is a dual action bulb and can be used for two functions including brake lights as well as front …

What is the difference between tail lights and brake lights?

The Difference Between Brake Lights and Tail Lights

Tail lights are engaged when the you turn on your headlights or when your parking brake is on, whereas the brake lights will light up immediately when you apply pressure to the brakes.

How much current does a 1157 bulb draw?


How many watts is an 1157 bulb?

27/8.3 Watts and 12.8/14 volts. S-8 size and shape, double contact bayonet base.

How many watts does a 1156 bulb use?

26.9 Watts and 12.8 volts.

What vehicles use 3057 bulbs?

A dependable, solid bulb, the 3057 bulb is an automotive bulb, often called a miniature bulb. It’s most commonly used in all kinds of cars. Find them in boats and other watercraft, planes, and different types of train cars as well.

What is a W5W bulb?

A W5W is commonly used in interior lights and sidelights. Some vehicles use them for number plate lights, too. The name W5W means that the bulb is 5 watts and has a wedge-type base. You can find both halogen and LED bulbs in this fitting.

What is the wattage of a 2057 bulb?

27/6.7 Watts and 12.8/14 volts.

Is 1156 and 7506 the same bulb?

Moderator. 7506 is Osram’s number for a type P21W bulb. P21W and 1156 are very similar. They aren’t identical, but they are functionally interchangeable in many cases as long as the 1156 one uses has a nickel-plated base and not a plain brass one.

What bulb is the same as 1057?

#7506 is the correct lamp, the #1057 is a `compatable` replacment, but is not correct. Someone used a 1057 to replace a burned out 7506, instead of using a 7506 as specified. The lamps are different, and have a different load current, and brightness. The 7506 is brighter.

What voltage is an 1154 bulb?

#1154 Miniature Bulb Bay15d Base – 6.4/7.0 Volt 2.63/0.75 Amp 16.57/5.25 Watt S-8, Double Contact (DC) Index Bayonet (BAY15d) Base, C-6/C-6 Filament Design.

What is BA15s bulb?

Bayonet bases or caps are often abbreviated BA, with a number after. The number refers to the diameter of the base e.g., BA15s is a 15 mm diameter bayonet base bulb. The lower-case letter s specifies that the bulb has a single contact on the bottom of the base.

How many lumens is a 1003 bulb?

About 1003 Bulb Led Replacement / Equivalent

These Energy efficient bulbs last 30,000 hours that’s 25 times longer than your stock bulbs. These bulbs produce 325 Lumens of light making them some of the brightest led bulbs in the market.

Are all 1157 bulbs dual function?


Are 1141 and 1156 bulbs the same?

OK it looks like 1141 an 1156 are both using BA15s base. This site has more information about bulbs than you care to know. In this case, the 1156 replaces the 1141, has the same physical characteristics, is brighter (26.9W vs 18.4) and uses more current (2.1A vs 1.44).

What base is an 1156 bulb?

#1156 Miniature Bulb Ba15S Base – 12.8 Volt 2.1 Amp 26.88 Watt S8 Single Contact Bayonet (Ba15S) Base, 32 MSCP C-6 Filament Design. 2.0` (50.8mm) Maximum Overall Length (M.O.L.), 1.04` (26.5mm) Maximum Outer Diameter (M.O.D.), 1.25` (31.75mm) Light Center Length (L.C.L.).

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