2357 Bulb Guide

We want to help you understand and identify the number two three five seven index based dual filament miniature bulb the voltages


are rated at twelve point eight / 14 volts the amps are rated at 2.2 / zero five zero point five nine the wattages are twenty eight point one 6/8 point two six to mean spherical candle power is 40 / three the dual filament types are c 6 / c 6 the average rated hours are 400 / 5,000 hours the S 8 DC ba y 15 D base also known as the dual contact index base the pins are index offset the base is 15 millimeters in diameter the maximum overall length is 2 inches or 50 point eight zero millimeters the light Center length is 1.25 inches or thirty one point eight zero millimeters maximum outer diameter of the glass envelope is one point zero four inches or twenty six point five millimeters this is an example of a number two three five seven ba 15 D base also known as a dual contact indexed base


2357 Bulb Cross Reference

1157, BAY15D 1034, 1178A, 2057A, 2357NA, 2357A, 1157A, 7528, 2057, 1016, 2357, 1196, 1157, 1142, 94, 3496, 2397, 2357ALL, 2057ALL, 7528L, 1157ST, 3496LL, 1034LL, 2397LL, 1157LL, 2057ST, 2357LL, 1157ALL, 2057LL, 7528LL


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