2013 Ford Fusion Headlights

2013 ford fusion is a family of four-door sedans, commonly used to refer to the five-door hatchback variant. Similarly equipped models include a coupe and a station wagon version called 2013 ford fusion SEL.

Ford Fusion was released in 2001 as a 2002 model, which is based on the Mazda — Toyota platform. In 2003, Ford introduced the sel version of the car. The fusion SEL was last released in 2010.

In 2012, Ford introduced a redesigned fusion with a new four-cylinder engine and front- or all-wheel drive. In 2013, there are five versions of the ford fusion: SE, SEL, hybrid, sel hybrid and Titanium.

Types Of Headlights for ford fusion:

  1. Halogen headlights,
  2. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights.
  3. light emitting diode (LED) headlights and 4. Projector Headlights

Let’s consider them in detail:

Halogen Headlight

Halogen headlights are one of the earliest headlights that are still in use. The halogen headlight uses a tungsten filament encased in a container of gas. When electricity passes through the wire, the filament heats up to anywhere between 2,000F and 3,500F degrees. This temperature is hot enough to produce light similar to daylight when using Halogen bulbs.

HID headlights for a 2013 ford fusion

HID headlights is also one of the latest types of headlights. High intensity discharge headlight bulbs are known for its brightness and vivid color on road. HIDs are more efficient than halogen, since it does not require a filament, which would burn out within few hours. But it’s very expensive compared to Halogens.

LED Headlights for 2013 Ford Fusion

LED headlights are the latest types of headlights. LED stands for light emitting diode, which is a semiconductor that emits incoherent narrow spectrum of light when electrical current runs through it. This results in brighter and prominent display of colors on road. LEDs also use less electricity to function; this makes LEDs economically practical choice due to reduced fuel consumption.

Projector Headlights for 2013 Ford Fusion

Projector headlights are the headlights, which are attached on top of the regular headlight assembly. Projectors give a solid beam of light allowing you to see the dark roads better. They are built with an optical lens that focuses the beam outward instead of shining it in one direction. This technology gives you a more accurate illumination on road, compared to regular car headlights. Ford fusion used projector headlights from 2012-2013 models onwards.

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