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I want to put some LED tail light and brake light bulbs in my Supra here but not all of these are the same and we’re gonna go over in this video how they’re different and hopefully find the best one…..


so what started this was Tony as you may have seen got his 240 running and it’s all together and it’s looking great and he put LED tail light bulbs in his 240 and he got what he thought were some of the best LED tail light bulbs out there that fit that car and I was not impressed with them what I didn’t like they were very bright but what I didn’t like was when he had the tail lights on and then you hit the brakes the difference in brightness going from just taillight to brake light wasn’t all that noticeable and I really didn’t like that now they were brighter than the original incandescent but I feel like it’s important to have a big difference so it’s noticeable that you’re hitting the brakes and here we have four LED bulbs and the standard incandescent we’re gonna pair all four of these so right here we have four LEDs and the standard incandescent ball we’re going to compare all four of these in my super here and see if we can find out which one is best and see if anything can take down the tried-and-true incandescent and I have spent a fair amount of money on all these bulbs so it’s kind of kind of disappointing how much I’ve spent just trying to find the right tail light bulb for this because it requires four so yeah we’re gonna get to it we’re gonna first put up the original incandescent against the bulb that Tony has and I’m gonna show you what my concerns with this Bob you might think it’s the best one but I’m gonna share with you my concerns so let’s get to it so for this video I’m gonna have the factory incandescent bulbs on the driver side taillight and we’re gonna do all of our testing with the LE on the passenger side so I have out the housing credit bulbs and I’ll show you a closer look at this and then we’ll get to the testing okay so here is the housing for the taillights there’s two bulbs that work for the brake light and tail light and as you can see there is no reflector on this housing so that’s going to be part of the problem with this test but we’re going to pull these two incandescent bulbs out and we’re gonna throw the bulb that Tony installed this LED now it is really bright but I’m going to show you what my concern is all right let’s get this thing installed all right so once once again we have the incandescent over here and the LEDs that Tony installed in is 240 on this tail light I’ll turn the tail lights on right now okay so the LEDs are significantly brighter it’s very evident but I’ll show you my concern is hit the brake okay so my concern with these is although they are very bright for tail lights I feel like the difference between the brake light and the tail light isn’t that noticeable I feel like you could be driving down the road and if you hit your brakes someone might just mistake themselves for blinking like they might not notice that change and even if the majority of people would notice and there’s a small percentage that wouldn’t I don’t think that’s worth the risk now Tony disagrees with me he wants the brightest light possible which I get where he’s coming from but I want to see the big difference like with the incandescent cuz I feel like even though that’s dimmer the difference in brightness is a lot more noticeable so for me I don’t like these LED bulbs and I’m not going to keep them in my car because I don’t feel like they’re safe so we’re going to take these out and put another pair of LEDs that I found and see if there are any different so the the design flaw in these balls for being a taillight and brake light is that they have a voltage regulator built in they don’t separately light up the LEDs so when it’s just the tail light they all light up about 75 to 80% brightness but when you hit the brake they light up 100% so you’re not changing the amount of LEDs that light up they’re just getting a little bit brighter which to me is not that noticeable so I went ahead and bought these LEDs we’ll see if they’re any different we’ll throw both in and see what they look like okay let’s see if these LEDs offer aid result the tail lights are brighter than incandescent let’s see what the brake light looks like hit it big yep all right Oh Oh on all right so these are offering the same result and they might even be a little worse they just don’t have the difference in brightness like the incandescent although they are brighter which to me I don’t like I’m gonna bring it over here and see if I can show you what the LEDs look like before and after they light up for the brake light okay so here are the LEDs just operating as a taillight I have the camera darkened way down so you can actually see the individual lights and as you can see they are all turned on right now hit the brake okay so there you can see there’s no additional lights that turn on they just get slightly brighter because there is that voltage regulator in there let off the brake and there’s hardly a difference so let’s see what our next LED has to offer all right this was the LED that was just in there and that’s your typical 1157 le LED bomb and I’ll have a link down below to all the LEDs that I use in this video here’s our next one this one is a lot different look at that shape the LEDs are on this underside right here it’s super hard to see when this is installed the LEDs shine backwards so this is gonna be interesting let’s see what these do and these are actually a name-brand bought these are the Sylvania 1157 s they’re super bright that’s that’s the name there there are super bright LEDs and they are very bright but they offer a bizarre and undesirable result but also a desirable result so it’s interesting let’s take a look all right so on this side we have both of this Sylvania 1157 super-bright LEDs let’s see the result I bet he dies I bet you guys were not expecting that they appeared to be dimmer than the incandescent which when I first bought these I was super disappointed and kind of irritated because they are not cheap but the bulbs are very bright but the reason they’re not bright early Nick then the incandescent it’s not the bulbs fault it’s the Super’s fault so let’s see what the brake light looks like [Music] see that is the cup that is the kind of result I’m looking for off on off on that is noticeable the difference between the brake light and tail light is finally noticeable with this tail light however it’s not as bright as the incandescent let me show you why yeah okay so here’s our problem it’s the housing for these light bulbs now as you can see there is no actual reflector it’s just white plastic and since these LEDs are shooting back they’re just hitting the white and pretty much getting absorbed now if these were in a normal vehicle like I saw a video where these were installed into a beetle they worked amazing and they also work great on motorcycles because there’s reflectors in those housings but because the Supra is dumb there is no reflector so let me demonstrate that for you so as you can see you can look straight on at that LED but all the light is shining back here but it is still really bright but maybe there’s something we can do to make this a little better all right now call me crazy but I think in the name of science it’s worth it chrome spray paint I’m gonna spray paint the inside of this chrome and pretty lit pretty much make it into a reflector it’s stupid I know but in the name of science I think it’s worth it two three light coats okay so I applied for coats of this quote chrome paint and it did not come out Chrome it’s more of a silver it is slightly reflective you can see a little bit of glare there it’s more reflective than the white that’s for sure but it’s not Chrome but let’s see it’s gonna help us out at all with this not a whole lot of reflecting going on I guess it’s better than nothing now we’ll put this back into the taillight and see how it looks it looks like it might be a little bit brighter this is just the taillights let’s see what the brake lights look like hit it babe okay stand back off on Oh [Music] okay the incandescent is still significantly brighter so well we got one more LED bulb to test let’s yank these things out and put our final set in okay so these are the Sylvania 1157 bulbs that were just in there they do produce a lot of light but just because of the design of the housing and there’s no reflector they don’t work that well in the Supra but I have seen these work well in other cars here so being as other option this is an 1157 style bomb but they call it something different but this one is red it’s not white this is a red bulb and it has six sides and this one is gonna be promising because for the taillight only one light lights up and for the brake light the other two light up and this has lights all the way around not on the end though so it should give us better lighting than this one and it is going to give us the performance and difference that we want so this might be our Savior let’s go put both in and compare so as you can see only one of the three LEDs in each section on the bulb is lit up this is for the taillights babe can you hit the brake pedal okay so you’re significantly brighter two more LEDs light up for the brake light let’s see how it looks in the housing okay I’m thinking he’s finally look brighter finally you can see there’s a little bit of a dead spot here but the dead spot is even larger on this side let’s see what the tail light looks like for the brake light hit babe okay it is brighter than the incandescent off on off on yes I think this is finally the ball I’m gonna stick with and of course it’s the most expensive of all okay now wait wait wait hold on there’s been a development in this research as soon as I stopped filming last time I ended the video there and crown the red ones the winter soon as I got home I found another contestant that I had to try so those were Sylvania 1157 s and they were red and of course when I got home I found these these are Sylvania ‘s 1157 but they’re white same exact bulb as the red but instead of red chips they’re white chip now I think these are gonna be the winner or I think they’re at least can be better than the red ones because when you have the same sized LED chip white is always gonna be brighter than a colored one because as all the colors so as the same amount of chips and the same sized chips as the red one but I’m pretty sure since it’s white it’s gonna be a lot brighter so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna have the red ones on the driver’s side there’s two red ones there right now I’m gonna put these white ones on the driver’s side and we’re gonna see which one is king [Music] and if these are better than the Reds that’ll be even better because these bulbs were cheaper these were $15 for the pair and the Reds were 20 so it’s better and cheaper hellion all right let’s see how these bad boys perform I got the Reds on the left the whites on the right well I’m not sure if the whites are brighter I’m not entirely sure if the whites are brighter White’s here Reds over there the writs are definitely a more richer red obviously because it’s red light but this seems a little bit dimmer to me let’s see what the brake lights look like yeah oh-oh-oh-oh okay so in this shot we have the red LEDs on the left of white LEDs on the right which one would you pick I know which one I would pick okay so that was a result I’m pretty disappointed I’m pretty surprised but I’m also glad at the same time you know I’m very disappointed that I spent more money and thought I was getting a brighter bulb and didn’t because truly truthfully I think the red so being 1157 is the best ball about all the ones I tested in this video so I’m disappointed that I spent more money and didn’t get a brighter bulb I’m surprised it wasn’t brighter because it is just white and not red and I guess my hypothesis on LED chips is wrong and the red is brighter but I’m also glad I did this because you know I enjoy researching things and doing things in the name of science and I know this video is probably to help out a lot of people because it’s gonna get you the right bulb or at least it’s gonna in form you and help you choose the right bulb for your car now there are a couple bulbs in this video that I highly would not recommend but these two I would definitely recommend you know this one is cheaper the white one the red one’s a little bit more expensive but I think the red one is the best one that I’ve out of all of them so I’m gonna go at the red Sylvania 1157 s they’re white one is very close behind and the other bulbs well they all suck for this car to be frank the one that Tony has in his car they might be brighter but the difference from brake to taillight I don’t think that’s safe so that’s my opinion but you can form your own opinion on these light bulbs on you can leave a comment down below which one you think won and also if you’re interested in any of these bulbs I’ll have a link to all them down below release ones that I can find so please like and share this video it’s definitely to help a lot of people out so share this video please and subscribe hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time Thanks


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