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2396, 1156, 67, 87, 12088, 1156NA, 97NA, 1095, 93, 97A, 1295NA, 97, 3497, 1073, 1295, 1195, 1156A, 7506, 199, 631, 1156ST, 1073LL, 1156LL, 7506L, 3497LL, 7506ST, 1156ALL, 97LL, 7506LL, 93LL, 631LL, 1141LL, 5008, 5007, 1155, 89, 57X, 105, 1003, 98, 1003LL, 67LL, 89LL, 105LL, 5008LL, 5007LL, 1155LL

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Today we’ll be taking a look at the arc on 1141 LED bulb in soft white part number AR 50 367 get a warm soft white light for your automotive RV and marine application with this long lasting energy efficient 12 volt LED bulb…


this is what our old incandescent bulb looks like and this is what our new archon LED bulb looks like 24 LEDs provide 360-degree coverage around the bulb for 285 lumens of light this high intensity bulb has a low heat output and will take less power to drain your battery the brightness of this 3.6 watt LED bulb is comparable to an 18.4 watt incandescent bulb and is also compatible with dimmable fixtures so we’re here in the outside of our camper and we’re going to be replacing or utility porch light but this is going to work with any or 1141 bulbs so let’s go ahead and start by removing the lens that’s going to reveal our incandescent bulb to remove this it’s really quite simple all we do is pushing on it turn it counterclockwise and pull it out and then to insert our new archon LED bulb you just do the opposite well line up the dots with the notch turn it in and then turn it clockwise then we could just replace our cover and test it out and that’s going to complete our look the Archon 1141 LED bulb in soft white part number AR 50 367


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